Terms and Conditions

Organized rules of the World League

* Organized rules have been signed for the World League, which consists of the formation of two groups - the first is for professionals - and the second is for beginners, each group has 5 sections according to the age of the contestants.
The first section includes competitors from the age of 5 to 6 years.

The second section includes competitors from the age of 7 to 8 years.

The third section includes competitors from the age of 9 to 10 years.

The fourth section includes competitors from 11 to 12 years old.

The fifth section includes competitors from the age of 13 to the age is open. 
* The difficulties of operations and tests were developed in each department to suit the age stages of those departments, and it is built with the most difficult question that the competitors in the world can deal with. And the division of the most difficult operations for all age stages is solved in just 10 minutes.

* One direct competition is launched between all students once a month, the result of which represents 40% of the final result.

* Students enter a second competition, which is a test that represents 30% of the final result, based on audience voting from anywhere in the world.

* Each contestant must implement media and promotional materials, whether videos or graphic advertisements, that illustrate his skills, scientific progress, great ability and skill that attract the audience to vote for him, with a direct link for each contestant to be placed on the voting platform to make these media and propaganda materials available to the public, and each participant has the right to vote with only one vote.

* The third competition represents 30% of the final result, a competition that will depend on the vote of 5 coaches from each of the companies participating in the league and has the right to vote only once.

How to vote

The public or corporate trainers have the right to vote only once, during which they can nominate 10 contestants, 5 of whom can be directed to the contestants of his company, in a sequence starting from first to fifth place, and 5 nominations others must be given to the rest of the companies. Each company has only one vote in a sequence starting from the first to the fifth place

Adoption of the global ranking for the ranking of competitors

Through the test result, which represents 40% of the final result, 30% that represents the audience’s vote, and 30% vote of the 5 coaches from each company for each month, the students are arranged in five sections from the first place to the last participant and thus gets the grades according to the following table:
Place Degree
1 300
2 280
3 260
4 240
5 220
6 200
7 180
8 160
9 140
10 120
11 100
12 90
13 80
14 70
15 60
16 50
17 40
18 30
19 20
20 10
21 to the end 5

Rules regulating for the financial profits of companies

Each company has the right to participate with a number of 70 to 150 students, and by collecting the grades of the students who were registered by each company, the grades obtained by the companies through their competitors are calculated and their ranking from the company that has the first place to the company that has the last place.

Students who are not registered in the league by companies.

Any student in the world can register on the platform of the World League and communicate with the organizing committee to create a Personal file and his participation in all the competitions eligible for the international classification of mathematics to be able to obtain a global ranking according to the student’s level and grades obtained through the competitions, and his grades are not merged with any company, but he will have an opportunity to prove his abilities to companies and market his personal file to negotiate with him and participate in the name of one of the participating companies world league.

Registration date for companies to participate in the league

* The date for the registration of companies and competitors has been set to be during the month of June of each year, and voting begins in the month of July, while the tests start at the beginning of August, so that companies can have enough time to register additional contestants in December of each year only.

* The ability for transfers will be opened for contestants from one company to another or the trainers from one company to another in the month of April and October of each year, and there will be a platform listing the names of the contestants who wish to cooperate with other companies in accordance with the rules and regulations governing this matter financially and organizationally.

1- The permanent organizer of the World Mathematics League 'Al-Tarek Global', which is the owner of the intellectual property of the World League, and accordingly each of the participating companies is obligated to follow all laws and regulations that guarantee justice and transparency to all in all procedures of the tournament.

2- The companies participating in the “Horus International Mathematics” championship competitions, which are organized annually, have the right and priority to participate in the world league, and its board of directors.

3- It was decided that a board of directors for the World Sports League will be formed, consisting of only 5 members for the year 2022-2023, and Al-Tarek Global Company will have a permanent seat to head the board, in addition to 4 other seats, 3 companies will be selected from them to represent 3 seats through the vote that takes place in the pre-tournament meeting The fifth seat is allocated to the latter company by direct appointment by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Tarek Global, and after the end of the voting, it is announced by the Board of Directors on the Horus Championship platform with the start of the World League.

4- The Board of Directors of the World League is committed to achieving the general principles of the League in accordance with established standards, which are:
• The World League for Mental Mathematics aims to create a spirit of competition and excellence for all children of the world (5 to 14 years old) through knowledge and learning.

• Creating scientific talents in the field of fast mathematics and making them stars in their societies and providing permanent psychological support to the creators to push them to continue permanently with creativity and excellence

• Supporting and motivating all specialized companies working in the field of mathematics education for more research, study and creativity to develop students' abilities and instill their thinking skills in the shortest possible time.

• Providing permanent financial support to talented students to push them to continue creativity and learning.

• Creating a state of competition between all companies working in the field of mathematics education in the world, and training talented students, regardless of their country, to compete and benefit from the skills of others, which drives talents to continue in creativity and learning.

• Encouraging communities to show children's outstanding talents in the field of quick arithmetic as stars in the community who have fans and supporters just like sports and art stars.
5- It is not permissible to create or change any of the provisions that contain any kind of conflict with the principles mentioned above.

6- The World League’s board of directors has the authority to review the results of the league competitions on an ongoing basis, to ensure the integrity and fairness of all procedures, to follow up on everyone’s compliance with the controls, and to approve the announcement of the final result for each month and for the League at the end of the year.

7- It is not permissible for any company participating in the World League to object to any result that is announced after the approval of the Chairman of the Board of Directors for it

8- The minimum for companies’ participation in the Horus International Sports Championship is 70 students, and the maximum is 150 students, whether in attendance or online, with full participation fees, and by virtue of his participation in the Horus International Championship, he becomes a main participant and a team representing the company and its flag, regardless of the nationalities of its students in the World League Championship and ensuring their competitions for the league without payment. No fees for the end of the season until the league champion is announced.

9- Each company accredits its students through the tournament system throughout the month of June of each year, and registration ends in July, after which the student voting process begins.

10- No company may add any student to its league lists permanently except in the middle of the league with the opening of transfers, and new students are not added except with fees.

11- Any company can negotiate directly with any competitor to it, whether in the league or in the international classification, and attract more students to represent the company in the next season or in the middle of the season, by communicating with the board of directors only, who will negotiate with the company and the competitor to ensure that the transfer process is carried out in a manner that preserves all rights for each the parties.

12- Any infraction by any player that may expose him to an immediate exit from the competition and the removal of his name and results from the competition.

13- A technical council is formed for the international league to help study and research all the technical and scientific aspects that the board of directors needs. Participating with two students who have a experience in international competitions, and they are all approved and appointed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

14- Companies can offer their trainers or competitors for sale to another company through the board of directors and through frameworks and linking this to benefit from other companies.

15- The companies that get one of the first three positions receive financial profits on a monthly basis, and they are granted to the company directly.

1- According to the laws of the league, the public has the right to vote for the contestants through the official platform of the league only, and it is an essential part of the success of each contestant

2- The public or corporate trainers have the right to vote only once, during which they can nominate 10 contestants, 5 of them can be directed to the contestants of his company, in a sequence starting from the first to the fifth place, and 5 Other nominations must be given to the rest of the companies for each company, one vote only in a sequence It starts from the first to the fifth

3- The vote is not approved until after the 10 full centers are approved for 10 different students in full

4- The voter begins by directing his votes to the members of his team from the team that encourages him, so that the contestant who nominates him for the first place... and the contestant who nominates him for the second place... and another for the third, the last of the fourth, and the last of the fifth, thus ends the first 5 nominations

5- The other five nominations must be for students from other teams for first, second, third, fourth and fifth place in the same order

6- In the event that any voter wishes to vote again, he must contact the management of the World League to purchase the voting package

7- In the event of any manipulation, the vote is deleted directly and the voter is prevented from entering again to vote

8- Videos are made for each contestant in the league to introduce his capabilities and abilities in front of the public, as a service provided by the management of the World League to help students market themselves
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